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People, Process, Productivity, & Planning


The 4 P’s of Business Growth

On the way to growing my former business to over $10 million in annual sales, with some 75 employees, I learned a lot about the challenges of business growth. There are many, of course, but I think they are nicely summarized by the 4 P’s:

People    Process    Productivity    Planning

These are the ways Fast-Forward helps businesses address the “4 P’s”…


Align Your People

In the best organizations, the activities & behaviors of its people are aligned with the company brand and culture:

  • The values & vision of the organization (the internal brand): values & vision help companies attract & retain better, more loyal employees
  • The promise to the customer (the external brand): a value proposition supported by an aligned value chain (left) helps companies attract & retain profitable, loyal customers.

Fast-Forward routinely works with its clients to formalize core values, and the value proposition to the customer. These are the foundation for marketing any brand, including yours!

Streamline Your Process

The best businesses run systematically – everyone understands what needs to be done, by whom, and when. Efficiency and productivity are natural by-products of systematic process. And if process is always designed to be customer-centric, as it should be, customer service is also enhanced.

One of Fast-Forward’s mot popular “process” tools is the Quickbooks for Integrators™ course, which teaches the most efficient and informative way for electronics integration firms to administer projects.



Manage Productivity

Successful companies measure the key components of productivity, every month. Results are compared to both past results, and future targets. Areas of weakness are identified and acted upon.

It is said that you cannot improve what you cannot measure. Fast-Forward’s Top-Line Management System™ enables the use of simple yet powerful metrics for analyzing and improving company profitability and cash flow.

Click the image at left to see a summary report of the profitability of integration companies using TLM, during the first half of 2013.

Plan Your Future

Without goals, there can be no plan for achieving those goals.

Without a plan, a company is counting on luck to realize a profit.

The best companies don’t count on luck. They plan relentlessly, review their plans regularly, and behave proactively. Plans quantify risk, and illuminate opportunity.

Fast-Forward helps companies develop comprehensive financial plans, marketing plans, and compensation plans. Click the image at right to read about some of the planning and analysis packages we offer!


Contact Steve Firszt to learn how Fast-Forward can help your company grow.