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The Power of Prediction | "FORTUNE TELLER" Financial Projection Programs


Fast-Forward Productivity Analysis &

Planning Packages

What if you could see your future?

It would change the way you act, wouldn’t it?

It would affect what you’d do, and how and when you’d do it. You would no longer be waiting for things to happen, you’d be making things happen. This would be true whether the future you saw was good or bad.

Same thing in business. Seeing a future improvement in sales, for example, would help you anticipate hiring employees, purchasing inventory, and investing in infrastructure. You’d know how much to pay people, and how much cash you, the owner, could safely take out of the business.

With a heads-up to what was coming, you’d be better able to maximize opportunity, and minimize risk. Your company would be more likely to grow, and become financially strong. Prosperity would become a distinct possibility; in fact, even probable.


We’ll look at your past, to help “predict”your future

Fast-Forward’s “Fortune Teller” packages are designed to show you where you’ve been, and where you are going. Taking stock of your past to “see” your potential future helps identify actionable initiatives your company can take to improve its productivity. That is the essence of the Top-Line Management System: Take Stock, Take Aim, Take Action. It is proven to help companies become financially stronger and more prosperous.

“Fortune Teller” packages are offered with increasing degrees of actionable analysis and information. If you have never looked at a plan for your company before, one of these could, indeed, change the way you manage your business.



Fortune Teller I

Productivity Analysis & Annual Projections (PA)

See how your company’s recent performance compares to industry benchmarks. Identify areas for improvement, quantify the potential value of those improvements in the coming year.


How much business can your company do in the year ahead, and how much money can it make doing it? Using financial data your company provides (monthly P&L’s for the current ytd, current payroll & staffing information), Fast-Forward will:

  • Assess current performance against 20 TLM productivity benchmarks
  • Highlight specific areas for improvement
  • Develop revenue & costs assumptions for the coming year, identify Breakeven
  • Produce a Profit Plan for the coming year
  • Compare current-year performance to Profit Plan projections
  • Provide PDF copies of both the metrics comparison, and the Profit Plan
Includes a 40-minute phone call with Fast-Forward to review findings and discuss specific strategies for achieving increased profit in the year ahead.
Fortune Teller I includes this one-page summary comparing prior year productivity to coming year projections and TLM benchmarks, across 20 strategic productivity metrics.

Fortune Teller I - $297


Fortune Teller II

Payroll & Staffing Plan (PAYPLAN)

Your company's single-largest expense – payroll – is also its most emotional expense. Take the emotion out, and build your payroll and staffing plan based on metrics proven to help companies maximize profitability.

How many people, in what capacity, and how much will each get paid? These are critical questions for the profit-minded manager. Using the TLM Compensation Manager Worksheet, we will help you
  • Identify your annual sales goal and Top-Line Profit Model
  • Target a company-wide compensation budget
  • Develop category budgets for Labor, Admin/Other, Sales, & Payroll Taxes & Benefits
  • Create a staffing model identifying pay by employee, including sales commission
  • Analyze planned labor productivity & utilization
  • Includes 40-minute phone call with your coach
You'll receive a completed Compensation Manager Worksheet detailing all the above.
A summary table from the worksheet is shown at right.

Fortune Teller II - $297



Fortune Teller III

Productivity Analysis with Complete 12-month Operating Plan (BUDGPLAN)

Get a month-by-month profit and operating blueprint for the coming year. Includes Productivity Analysis, Payroll & Staffing Plan, and monthly operating and profit projections for the coming year. Use the included worksheet to help you track your progress towards sales, profit, and budget goals.


Combines Fortune Teller I, with the payroll planning and analysis, of Fortune Teller II, plus...

  • Develop month-by-month sales plan for Equipment, Parts, & Labor
  • Identify monthly assumptions for fixed and variable operating costs
  • Produce a month-by-month proforma operating statement with monthly profit projections
  • Includes Productivity Manager Worksheet worksheet (a $197 value) for updating, reviewing, and adjusting the plan as the year goes by
  • Includes two 40-minute phone calls with your coach to first analyze, and then predict & quantify, company Productivity

    Required for Monthly and Quarterly BUDGPLAN coaching programs

  • Fortune Teller III - $797

    Fortune Teller IV

    Complete Financial Analysis & 12-month Financial Plan (FINPLAN)

    Get a complete month-by-month financial plan covering operating projections and cash flow. Identify monthly cash surpluses/needs. Maximize growth opportunities, while minimizing risk.       


    Identical to FT III but with a month-by-month financial plan for the coming year including month-by-month operating targets, balance sheet projections, and cash flow statements. Includes FMW worksheet for updating, reviewing, and adjusting the plan as the year goes by. The ultimate Financial & Management Plan for high-productivity managers, complete with “bank-ready” proforma documents for presentation to potential lenders and/or investors.  

    All Fast-Forward one-on-one coaching clients utilize a TLM Financial Plan for predicting and managing their company’s profitability and cash flow.

    Fortune Teller IV 12-month financial planning package - $1797