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Somewhere between hi-cost advertising and no-cost sandwich signs are practical and effective ways for attracting customers.

The Bottom-Line Marketing System

from Fast-Forward Business Coaching

Fast-Forward's Bottom Line Marketing process helps create, maintain, & grow relationships

FREE! 3-Step Guide to Reconnect with Past Customers.

The fastest way to generate new business activity is to call your existing customers. But you can make the call even more effective if you follow it up with a thank you and a personal letter. Fast-Forward's "3-Step Guide" lays out the steps and the scripts for doing just that. Do this with 10 customers/week for four weeks and you will find $20,000 - $40,000 in extra business, sooner than later. We can almost guarantee it!

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money.
But make sure you present a valuable proposition
to the right people.
You think you’re in the business of selling something. But before you can start selling, you need to have people who are interested in the goods and services you provide. Only then - after you've found qualified prospects and gotten them interested in your proposition - can you begin selling.
Whether you realize it or not, you are in the marketing business.
Fast-Forward promotes a systematic approach to marketing that is equally effective for one-man (or woman) service-based companies, or multi-store retailers. The system recommends less expensive, highly-measurable tactics targeted to people whose names you already know. It emphasizes relationships, and strives to bring on-going value to the customer via consistent and regular communication.
Its low-cost, high-ROI approach helps promote profitable growth. It is called the Bottom-Line Marketing System.
Marketing Webinars on CD
Two one-hour webinars are available to help you better appreciate how the Bottom-Line Marketing System helps companies build and maintain relationships with those people most likely to benefit from the goods and services the company provides.
1) 5 Key Marketing Strategies Before you can begin “marketing consciously”, you need to have a basic understanding of the core strategies that make up a successful “bottom line” marketing program.
In a revealing webinar recorded May 1, Fast-Forward shares five affordable strategies small business can use to improve their ability to attract and retain profitable customers. (And, no, sandwich signs are not one of them.)
The strategies you will learn about are:
1)          MEASURE – You must be able to track the results of your marketing efforts. Steve shows some ways you might do this.
2)    WEBSITE – This is the storefront of the 21st century. Make it the first level of response for your marketing, and watch relationships grow.
3)          SEQUENCE – Marketing is a process, not an event. Steve outlines the process of taking a customer from initial awareness, to action.
4)          WIFT – The customer wants to know, What’s In it For Them? Surprisingly, it’s not products and prices they are seeking.
5)          BRAND – Your brand is the foundation for all your marketing messages. Learn the simple secret to brand consistency, & power.
CD includes the slide handout so you can print out the presentation, too (handy for note-taking). Just $14.97 including S&H. Order via PayPal.
2) Customer Relations Best Practices It is not enough to have “satisfied” customers. Successful small companies work to create customer loyalty, and “advocates” for their brand. This webinar outlines five actionable practices that will help you increase loyalty and referrals.
1)          The List – You already have the names and addresses of people who trust you enough to buy from you. How to grow the list and make it more powerful.
2)          Newsletters – A "must-have" in the Marketing 2.0 model. But don't use it to sell. Use it to tell.
3)          Thank you – So simple, yet most companies fail to use it to their advantage.
4)    Phone calls – The fastest way to reconnect with your customers. The fastest way to more business, too.
5)    Housecalls – Amazing things can happen once you are in the client's home. So, what are you waiting for?

CD includes presentation notes. $14.97 including S&H. Order via PayPal.

“Two-fer” special - Get both webinars on CD for just $22.97. Order via PayPal.


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