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Free webinar download: TLM Project Management using QuickBooks


TLM Project Management Webinar

55-minute webinar outlines the best, most efficient way for integration companies to use QuickBooks as a key part of their project management process.

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Regardless of what other software programs you might be using to design and track projects, it is essential that all financial-related events find their way into your bookkeeping software. The TLM Project Management webinar presents a proven way to utilize QuickBooks so that you can easily and efficiently determine, for any and all active jobs:
  • Projected profit on the project
  • Original project scope, and how much work is left to complete
  • Which items have been ordered; which items have been received
  • Which items have been delivered to the jobsite, and when
  • Progress to milestones for requesting progress payments
  • Status of payment requests
  • Job reconciliation reports & details
Free resources are offered at the conclusion of this 55-minute webinar.

For a 30-page guide to the TLM Project Management Process in QuickBooks – which provides a detailed "how to" of the numbered steps in the flowchart shown at right – click the flowchart!

“After working with QB advisors for many years, I believe you provide the best advice of all of them for custom installers.” - Rich


“Thanks…for such an informative, worthwhile webinar!” - Steve

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