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TLM Project Management Process Guide


30-page guide outlines the most efficient & illuminating way to administer & manage projects using QuickBooks!

Guide includes flowchart, forms, reports, screenshots, and extensive

A completely customized QB process not documented anywhere else!

It doesn’t matter if you use D-Tools, Bid Magic, SRS, or any other design program to propose and engineer your contract projects. To properly account for the costs and revenues and payments of the project, it must also be tracked in your bookkeeping system. For well over 90% of the integration companies in the US, that would be QuickBooks.

This 30-page guide to the TLM project management process has developed from our work with hundreds of custom electronics integration companies. It is a detailed “how to” of a customized job process used by some of the best-performing companies in the industry.

Who Owes Who, How Much?

The TLM process provides quick answers to the most important questions inherent in every integration project:

§  What products and services were included, at what cost, in the project estimate originally agreed to by the client?

§  What monies have been requested, and received, to date?

§  What products have been ordered, and received, to date?

§  How much work has been done on the project, to date?

§  What changes have been made to the project along the way?

How the Guide Works

The overall process, and all its steps, are outlined on a one-page flowchart. The flowchart serves as both a visual overview of the process, as well as the “table of contents”. The steps of the process with a corresponding “how to” outline are identified by a number in a red circle. The “how to” pages have a corresponding number in the upper-right corner. Very user friendly!

The guide also features forms, screen shots, and key reports to help you more easily integrate some or all of the process into your administrative routine.

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TLM Project Management Process Guide - $127