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TLM Project Management Reports from QuickBooks



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Besides improved financial reporting, TLM also provides valuable project management reporting

Track the money

TLM advocates creating customer invoices ONLY when work has been performed and goods delivered. In most integration companies, customers often pay in advance of getting work done. You don't want to issue an invoice for work that hasn't been done yet, so, what do you do?

The TLM process makes this easy, and even provides special reporting to track when and how much money you’ve requested, from who.

The Open RFP summary report is pictured at left. The amounts shown are payment requests for which payment has not yet been received.

Stay on top of Purchasing

The Purchase Orders by Job report shows orders by job, receiving to-date, and items not yet received (backordered). This helps project managers stay on top of the inventory status for every job.


Manage the “Production Pipeline”

Unfinished projects represent future income. Literally, a “pipeline” of work that, once performed, will hit your P&L and bank account. The better you manage your pipeline, the more work you’ll get done, and the more money you’ll make.

Most integrators can’t tell you how much unfinished work they have. The TLM Job Progress Report, coupled with progress invoicing as work is done, gives owners an instant read on future production.

Keep Labor in Check

As you allocate and then use labor hours for jobs, it helps to have a constant view of how much labor is left on each project.

The Remaining Labor report does just that, showing the allocated quantity and price of all the labor items in a project, with a running total of “backordered” hours, ie – how many remain to complete the project.

The TLM Reports are customized from “canned” QuickBooks reports. Instructions for how to create and use them is included in the TLM Project Management Process Guide. For more information on how the TLM process could benefit your company, click here.