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Profit on Purpose: Fast-Forward's Top-Line Management System



Profit by Luck?

Small business owners are almost always good at what their business does – eg, install custom electronics systems, prepare meals for others, sell wine by the bottle or glass. Few are experienced in the fundamentals of managing for consistent profit

Profits actually realized are thus more by good fortune, than by design. Certainly, profits are not as great as they would be if the requisite management practices were learned and implemented:

Counting. Accurately capturing and categorizing the daily records concerning goods sold, services provided, and costs incurred. This is a Process issue.

Measuring. Organizing the data to provide meaningful & timely feedback on the key components of company profitability. This is a Productivity issue.

Predicting. Using historical measures to develop realistic goals, and the accompanying strategies, for future profitability and cash flow. This is a Planning issue.


Profit on Purpose.

The Top-Line Management System

The Top-Line Management System™ – TLM, for short – provides tools and resources to help business owners effectively manage for improved profits and cash flow. Its disciplines are represented by the Prosperity Pyramid (pictured).

Profit from Process.

At the foundation of TLM is Administrative Process & Practices. The TLM “counting process” is not only superior in its ability to capture and categorize daily productivity data, it is also more efficient than virtually all of the other methods we’ve encountered.

To download a FREE webinar outlining the TLM project management & admin process – click here.

Profit from Productivity.

It is said, “You cannot improve what you cannot measure”. TLM top-line and cost measures provide unique and useful metrics for all the key components of company productivity. These are illuminated by monthly reports that tell management exactly what needs to be improved, and by how much.

See for yourself how integration companies using TLM achieve exceptional profits & growth in our 4th Annual Productivity Report.

Profit from Planning.

While every piece of management literature ever written espouses the importance of planning, it is rare to find a business with a written, strategized, quantified plan. The ability to predict income and cash flow represent the highest level of the TLM disciplines. Success with these almost assures profitability and, ultimately, prosperity.

A FREE sales planning worksheet, and a FREE pipeline manager worksheet, can be requested using the form on our TLM Resources page.



Click any of the links above to learn more about the numerous resources Fast-Forward offers for learning and implementing TLM. Or, contact Steve Firszt via e-mail of phone (contact info below). There’s no cost to find out if TLM could work for you!